FINAL DAY – Creation

Posted by Pinstripe Circus, October 22nd, 2010

Last day of part one of “the lost boys” creative development

Among many other artistic adventures, we have picked apart the original text; who would have imagined “Peter Pan” to be so densely layered with psychological, sociological truths?

I guess that’s why some texts endure, while most fade into obscurity; they capture the fundamental anxieties, frustrations and hopes common to people from whatever time.

If JM barries neverland is the landscape of a childs imagination, populated with “redskins” and pirates, mermaids and faries, what would that landscape look like today? Terrorists and ninjas? Or just a barren canvas, with a playstation sized hole?

Hey, whatever happened to the future? From retro space images from the 50s to the 70s I can see that there used to be a hope that technology would lead us into a utopian fantasy. Sure, there were clearly fears of an orwellian dystopia as well, but now it feels like survival is all we can hope for. Where is my hover car? It seems that our hopes for technology now are carbon capture and hybrid engines, not instant teleportation and ships to take us beyond the stars, but different versions of things we already have, so that the abundance of things wont drag us over the precipice of environmental armageddon.

Has our imagination failed us? Have we, as a society, forgotten the neverland? Is human creativity running out like fossil fuel and afordable housing?

stay tuned for the lost boys…

DAY 7 – Finding Neverland

Posted by Morgan Leek, October 19th, 2010

Another awesome day where we met up with sound man Ben and talked more on who and what are Lost Boys, and our various.

Leon went off to track down clothing for the shoot tomorrow, while the rest of the gang hits the road in Steve’s blue van for the street art mystery tour..

We look at an array of sites, including the awesome Condor Tower Carpark which blows the senses… floor after floor of street art, and where it feels as if the walls and their collective of crazy creatures are talking to us…

We land in Steve’s ultra moderne studio in an inner city building scape, and here learn the fine arts of stencil art and spraying with an even sweep..Our resulting effort is attached above.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s photo session back in Steve’s studio with Otilee Lamb and Sarah R… then to the VIP site visits on Wednesday. Joey R has also started a dialogue which is great.

Sally Richardson, Director/ Dramaturg, The Lost Boys

DAY 6 – A letter from the Director

Posted by Morgan Leek, October 18th, 2010

Awesome day today…

Ross, Ella and I caught up with Claudia and moved into reflections on all things inflatable including blow up Japanese policeman (they really do exist)…Also managed discussion on Morph suits, pogo stilts, bouncy balls (with Ross demonstrations).Claudia is also joining the performance team as a roller derby loving, power wrestling mad, tink without a bell…What a “crew of midgets” (not my quote)

More thoughts on the use of vision and working with technology that works sort of like a Wi… Also the playing with scale and performances of various kinds interacting and/or being created with vision. Vision is looming large on the horizon. If you haven’t yet looked…this could be ALL we are looking for and so much more…see facebook and youtube links below for “Windows”, the first work of +Castro to promote Argentina in Europe Facebook Youtube

We talked about some great duo rope ideas, had a Hula demonstration (Sal very poor here). Steve B walked the tightwire (pretty darn well) and Ross bounced on a ball in a very strange position while Claudia held his legs.. .Not to be attempted at home… un-supervised.

Further realisation that location location location will dictate…the need for multi-levels …the wish list is growing!

As suggested by Claudia I have searched out these links (see some cool inflatable action below)

Click here for another video.

Good discussion about exploring diverse character/s and multiple role playing (sounds like my life) This the way to move beyond cliché and mono-dimensionality!

Talked with Steve of using drawings, versions of the ‘at fairy’ as part of photo image graphic. Feel there is a role for engagement with some of Steve’s previous drawings/ideas eg: the pigeons on the ledge…maybe they could take off!! Or perhaps I am beginning to genuinely lose the plot.

Looking forward to Monday 10am for sound chats with Ben. Then Steve is picking us up at CIA at 1pm for a magical mystery tour….and yes we are working very hard.

Sally Richardson, Director/dramaturg, The Lost Boys Development

Pan Magic

Posted by Fiona de Garis, October 15th, 2010


Imagining a Neverland…Is it inside your head? Is it real, and only you see it or experience it? Do we always destroy our own Neverlands? What is make believe? Do I as artist want to make you want to believe my belief? Or make your own? What is it that we make to believe? …

Yes..its been a long week…and the head is bursting…and I can see walls that aren’t there, windows that offer portals to other worlds (that include Iceland), an audience dressed in ponchos, who also paint their own pirate capes while being sprayed with water, while tropical islands inflate, hooks multiply, and a hula hoop works in reverse….And its only Day 5….

Day 4

Posted by Pinstripe Circus, October 15th, 2010

Well another massive day…

We started off with a peek into the mysterious worlds of the man who has his own Imaginarium… Mr Steve Buckels!! His journey from walking in straight lines through suburbs at midnight and the growing ‘Hansel and Gretal’ trail of tagging left behind, to “sovings” can art, to “YO NES MAYBE” and his fantastical figures and the future…

Discussions of the practicality of live art in performance and the times spent in creating stencil (1.3m roughly 20mins), problems arising from this eg, paint fumes, possible other ways of getting images up fast like rolling…

Questions of how we use street art within the piece without it appearing “try hard” or cliched.

And then launched into the big W questions surrounding character and story…. i’ll have to update you on this one later… Our heads hit a wall at about this point resulting in Leon and Sally both popping head ache pills, then delirium struck and Sarah and Ottilie arrived! Photo shoot planning…Ottilies images are incredible and the possibilities are to vast and to exciting!

With the strong NO list of: no corsets, false eyelashes, 1920’s dustbowl carnie, bathing suits, sequins, lycra or anything obviously circus we leapt into…

Ideas at the moment are for 3 images, Baboushka Doll, Sewing shadow clothes and possibly (the most effected by our afternoon head space) Fat Fairy baby being abandoned by parents at the door of a bakery… Don’t question it, it will be fabulous!!!

We will need to bring Steve into this process as Ottilie will work drawn image into the photos…

Sorry about the vast, probable grammatical and spelling ,mistakes but it’s late and my head hit that wall ours ago and now…well…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

And you should all too! GO TO BED! It’s too late to be on the computer!!!!

Ella ‘Mental’ Hetherignton, Performer/Asoociate Producer