The year is One Twelfth Over.

Posted by Morgan Leek, February 2nd, 2010

Does that sound like a ‘glass half empty’ headline?

It really is just the outward expression of my inner panic at the way time is fleeting by. Yep, it is true I am getting old…er. I see time speeding up before my very eyes and I can’t get through the never ending list of URGENT things… Mind you, since the boss just got outed in the SMH as newly 78 ( Happy Birthday Wendy ) no one on the Performing Lines staff can really use age as an excuse for ineffectiveness.

Anyway, heaps going on here at Performing Lines WA. We are now quite settled into our new home at Buzz Dance Theatre. So happy for  us that they offered to share their space and we could just move from one end of the first floor at King St Arts Centre to the other! Megan and Sarah still regularly battle it out in the continuing PLWA/CAWA Bake Off – so we have excuses enough to visit our old officemates. That both these organisations have sheltered us in our first 18 months of existence is a beautiful and encouraging fact. The arts can operate on the co-operative, communicative, collaborative model we all aspire to…

Well, with a DCA grant round imminent, the Adelaide Performing Arts Market to attend, hotels to book for a residency in New Zealand and the lovely James Berlyn bumping in Tawdry Heartburn’s Manic Cures at the Perth International Arts Festival on Friday, I had better go fend off the incipient panic by crossing off a few more tasks. But despite the bottomless pit which is my diary for February, there actually is no job I would rather be doing. Here’s to the remaining eleven twelfths of 2010!

Fiona de Garis – Producer, Performing Lines WA