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Posted by Fiona de Garis, January 25th, 2013

Rachael, Sarah and I have all worked at Spare Parts Puppet Theatre in past lives, so we are particularly looking forward to their premiere of Mechronos during this year’s FringeWorld.

Artistic Director Philip Mitchell is working with the crème de la crème of Perth’s circus and dance artists including performers Dawn Pascoe, Ruth Battle, Michael Smith, Rachel Wells, Jacob and Sophie McGrath along with Assistant Director Jacob Lehrer and amazing Designer Sanjiva Margio to create Mechronos.

Performances start this weekend in the Perth Cultural Centre : 6.30pm on Sunday and 5pm on Monday. Free!

But if that wasn’t enough Spare Parts are also holding a five-day street theatre workshop with The Primitives – a street theatre team from Europe. They fly in to Fremantle in March to perform as part of the 2013 Street Arts Festival.

Spare Parts are accepting applications NOW from performers interested in taking part in the workshop in March. This could be something to look forward to when the FringeWorld craziness is over. Read all about it below.

Happy Australia Day FringeWorld  Weekend!

Fiona de Garis,  Producer 

The Primitives

Details of Spare Parts Performer Workshop with The Primitives

As part of the 2013 Street Arts Festival European Street Artists The Primitives will be conduct a five-day Street Theatre workshop at Spare Parts Puppet Theatre to inspire and ‘skill-up’ local performers.

The workshop will run from Monday 25 – Friday 29 March. 

Workshop fee: $250

Applications close:  Monday 18 February

Spare Parts Puppet Theatre is currently accepting applications from performers interested in taking part in the workshop as the number of participants is strictly limited.

Each day will begin with indoor playing exercises aimed to prepare the participants to hit the streets which will lead to play and experimentation in the street.

Over the course of the workshop participants will be asked to concentrate on a specific public space in Fremantle which will become the inspiration for a small performance at the end of the workshop.

Participants must be over 18, and have some practical experience in their field, be it theatre, dance, circus, puppetry, music or the plastic arts.

The workshop is based on active thinking, actively taking part in play exercises on the street.

An open mind and the desire to perform, explore, collaborate and put oneself in question are essential.

More information about the workshop is at

To apply download and complete the application form from the web address above and return it to  Spare Parts Puppet Theatre no later than 5pm on Monday, 18 February.

The Primitives

The Primitives

The Primitives – Artist Biographies 

Gordon Wilson 

Born in bred in Edinburgh, Scotland, Gordon did his theatre training at University College Cardiff in Wales and L’Ecole Jacques Lecoq in Paris. For 30 years, he has worked in theatre, occasionally as coach/director or teacher but principally as an actor. This work has covered a vast range of styles and productions from classical plays, to opera, to dance theatre, to children’s shows, to comedy, to street theatre. This latter domain has been his seasonal stamping round since 1989, firstly with his own company La CEP, and then with THE PRIMITIVES which he co-founded with Craig Weston in 1994. In the course of 18 years, they have devised 12 different productions with which they have toured to hundreds of festivals in 20 countries on 5 continents.

Far from seeing the street as a lesser or marginal performing space, he regards it as a vibrant and important environment in which to make surprising and provoking statements for a wide audience. The actor who chooses to and succeeds in playing there, requires an awareness of space and movement, an ability to be open and improvise, a sensitivity to his surroundings and an overall physical and technical technique which is second to none. Far from being looked down upon, he or she should be admired for his or her humility and courage. Playing in the street is perhaps one of the hardest places to perform, but also ultimately one of the most rewarding.


Craig Weston

Craig Weston, American by birth, Belgian by adoption, is the other half of the international street and theatre company The Primitives.

Craig originally trained as a musician, and has composed dance scores for Alain Platel and Les Ballets C de la B in Belgium, among others. He trained in theatre at L’Ecole Jacques LeCoq in Paris.  As well as his work as actor in the street and the theatre, he has created and directed original performances for theatre and for the street with companies in Belgium, Spain, France, The Netherlands and Slovenia.  Among his other activities he currently leads a collective called Koekoek, a guerrilla group who specialize in unannounced theatrical interventions in the street.

He has taught physical theatre to young beginning actors at the Conservatory for Dramatic Arts in his home town of Gent in Belgium, and Sound and Theatre workshops to theatre technicians at the RITS School in Brussels. Over the past few years he has begun to specialize in teaching creative and acting workshops for street theatre, in Turkey Israel, Belgium, Slovenia, the Ukraine, and for the FAI AR, a postgraduate school for street theatre in Marseille.

Craig’s work is rhythmic, physical, and devoted to a direct communication with the audience, and with the street that performer and audience find themselves in together.


For more information about the 2013 Street Arts Festival visit

For more information about Spare Parts Puppet Theatre or the Workshop contact:

Megan Roberts

Business Manager

Spare Parts Puppet Theatre

Phone: +61 8 9335 5044





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