Interview with Jacinta Larcombe

Posted by Thom Smyth, March 26th, 2014

Subiaco Arts Centre has opened its doors for the inaugural Independent Theatre Festival, providing free venue hire for chosen works, including James Berlyn’s Crash Course (produced by Performing Lines WA), Brooke Leeder’s Dancers Speak Volumes, and Houston Sinclair’s suburban take on The Little Mermaid. Thom Smyth chatted to contemporary dancer and performer Jacinta Larcombe, the titular mermaid in this contemporary exploration of Hans Christian Andersen’s dark fairytale, about the chance to revisit the character and her recent Best Newcomer win at the Performing Arts Western Australia Awards.

TS| First of all, congratulations on the win! It’s just champagne and limos from here on in right?

JL| Let’s hope so, until I actually become a bottle of bubbles myself!

TS| Shifting from movement to more text-based work can be a real challenge. How are you finding the challenge?

JL| I think with each experience I have with text-based work I am becoming more confident. I remember when I first started devising The Little Mermaid; I was so terrified to speak. Which is kind of silly because I talk all the time. But it’s just a different thing talking with your body and thinking that I have say something interesting with my words.

TS| You’ve been pretty busy, going from shows with Steps to The Blue Room Theatre to taking the stage at the State Theatre Centre in Barking Gecko’s OneFiveZeroSeven for Perth Festival. How has that experience been for you?

JL| I feel pretty privileged to be doing so many different works, that I am all really passionate about. Being a part of OneFiveZeroSeven was one of the biggest learning experiences I’ve had, both about myself and being in a festival. The thing that stumps me is that this is my job now, and I’m constantly learning about the way that I work and how everything else does.



TS| The Little Mermaid is back. Is Grace a character that is close to your heart? Do you slip back into it easily, or is she more of a challenge?

JL| It sure is! I was really looking forward to visiting her again, because at that time I really was her. She just has this innate magical feeling about her, without even doing much. I think she stemmed from being on the brink of something, like a transition or transformation, going from girl to mermaid or weak to strong. Finding her again is both easy and difficult, because I know what she looks like and I know how she feels in her body and the way that she is but I think I’m in a different place now so I’m going to have to dig around to find all those nuances again.

TS| What’s up next for you?

JL| Well I am currently rehearsing for the next STEPS show, which is on in May; this years’ show is celebrating 25 years of STEPS. I think it’s going to be a really special experience and my last show with the company. STEPS have done a lot for me as a performer and a person so I can’t wait to go out with a bang. Then I think it will be nice to live life for a little while and see what comes my way!

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