Dark Matter now in development

Posted by Thom Smyth, March 13th, 2015

We’re pretty gosh darn excited to announce we’ll be working with PRAXIS on their development of new show Dark Matter. PRAXIS are collective featuring choreographer and dancer Laura Boynes, composer and cellist Tristen Parr and visual artist and curator Alexander Boynes. They work across a range of genres and media, including dance, installation, projection and visual art.

DM headerCurrently in development, Dark Matter is an exploration of our ability to adapt to changing physical and social environments. A metric tonne of rice is piled on stage, from which the six dancers emerge. It acts as floor, a prop and a projection surface, creating a constantly shifting environment for the performers.

It’s also the staple food for about half the planet. Dark Matter abstractly explores how humans are able to adapt to new surroundings, nodding to the current hot button political issues of immigration, isolation and integration.

You can follow the progress of the development here on the blog.

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