Sally Richardson on The Unknown Soldier

Posted by Thom Smyth, May 1st, 2015

Sally Richardson and a very talented team of creatives have been in the studio developing exciting new performance work The Unknown Soldier. Exploring the possibilities of an original text by Sally, the team have investigated new ways of telling the story through visual design, live music, audio looping and layering and performance, as well as getting some great images from the very talented Gibson Nolte. We can’t wait to see the final showing of this development! Sally has also made this development happen without funding – see below for how you can support the project.

Creative development can take you to new places and spaces. You can see an idea you had or a series of words become something so much more.

_L9A3695_smallA group of artists can find a meeting place, a dialogue, and challenge and inspire each other. This has been our PICA experience.

I am humbled and grateful for the generosity of my co-creators and collaborators, the artists; performer Hayley McElhinney, Composer/Sound Artist/Performer Cat Hope, Designer Zoe Atkinson, and joined on and off over the two weeks by Laura Boynes, Ian Sinclair, Yvan Karlsson and Gibson Nolte.

_L9A3414_smallWe are seeking to make something evocative, visceral, beautiful and powerful; a place where the human voice, body, sound, and space meet to ‘speak’ of the unspeakable.

In a week so haunted by senseless death and loss we have been exploring war, terrorism, abuse, trauma, violence, revenge, survival and hope… There is so much to say.

Sally Richardson | Creator + Director, The Unknown Soldier_L9A3646_small

Images by Gibson Nolte

Many of the artists participating in this development have to date generously donated their time, resources and skills. If you are interested and able to make a tax deductible donation to support this project we welcome you to join us and follow our creative journey.
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