Performing Lines WA secures new funding agreement

Posted by Thom Smyth, October 29th, 2015

Thanks to recently announced theatre sector funding through the Department of Culture and the Arts, Performing Lines WA will continue to provide creative producing services and support for Western Australian contemporary artists until mid-2017.

Having delivered the Managing and Producing Services initiative in Western Australia for the last seven years, Performing Lines WA is excited to be transitioning to a project-based producing model that engages with artists working across theatre, dance and contemporary performance. For more information on our Artistic Policy, click here>>

This announcement of $180,000 a year for two years allows Performing Lines WA to continue producing transformative Western Australian arts experiences, and advocating for artists, presenters and the sector more broadly on a national basis.

As part of this new model, we will introduce a high-quality, cost effective marketing and publicity service for independent artists and small-to-medium companies to help them market their work and connect with audiences.

We will also work towards securing additional funding to implement a broad ranging producer development program to assist independent producers to take the next step in their careers and provide further pathways for artists to get their work produced and seen.

The support Performing Lines WA offers to independent artists is part of a broader scheme funded by the Department of Culture and the Arts that includes The Blue Room Theatre’s new LOFT program of funding, and the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts’ exciting new performance programming model.

We would like to acknowledge the hard work and commitment of the staff and boards of both of those organisations, and look forward to working closely with them to realise these exciting new opportunities for Western Australian theatre artists.

Great White Q&A | Will O’Mahony & Adriane Daff

Posted by Thom Smyth, October 27th, 2015


The Great White tour is currently on the road and the cast and crew look like they are having a pretty great time! Will and Adriane had a chat with Rachel about the tour.

RA | What was your first theatrical experience?
WO | Dancing to Grease Lightning as a 5 year old to an audience made up of my family, I played Kenickie
AD | I was a total childhood suburban dance school tragic. I’ve been step ball-changing my way across the boards since I can remember.

RA | What are you most excited about for this tour?
WO | Developing a keen new love for country music with Joe Lui
AD |  The travel. The show. The pals.

RA | What cant you live without on tour?
WO | My warchest of smalls
AD | My phone. It’s the new iphone 6s plus. It’s amazing.



RA | Have you performed in any of these venues before? Could you tell us a bit about it?
AD | Mandurah! I have spent nearly every summer of my life in Falcon, which is nearby so I feel pretty close to MPAC. I was there earlier in the year with The Last Great Hunt’s ‘Elephents’

RA | Are there any local highlights you are keen to visit along the way?
WO | I want to climb Bluff Knoll
AD | Any op shop that will have me. They are pretty special out that way.

Mobile Moments | Albany

Posted by Thom Smyth, October 22nd, 2015

Sarah Nelson is on the road with Mobile Moments as part of the Great White tour. The stunning video portraiture series celebrating the people of Albany is now live for your viewing pleasure. Sarah collaborated with Albany’s local musician Tony King who provided the soundtrack for the video.

The next stop is Margaret River, if you’re in town make sure you go for a ride!




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Interview | Andrea Gibbs | Barefaced Stories

Posted by Thom Smyth, October 15th, 2015

Barefaced Stories is on the road with The Skeletal System’s Great White tour collecting stories and running community engagement workshops along the way. Performing Lines WA’s Rachel Audino caught up with Andrea Gibbs to chat about the tour.

RA | Can you tell us about the show and how it began?
AG | Barefaced started five years ago. After I arrived back from NYC where I studied storytelling there wasn’t really a space in Perth to practice this format. The only thing close was stand up nights, but there just wasn’t the scope to be so truthful in those environments and also take the audience into a sad space if needed. So myself, along with best mate, Kerry O’Sullivan set-up Barefaced Stories and after our first season at The Blue Room Theatre the owners of The Bird offered us a regular space and we’ve been there ever since. We’ve performed in NSW, NZ, Melbourne & Tasmania and are doing more workshops now then ever.

RA | Everyone has an interesting story, how do you get it out of them?
AG | Ask questions and listen to the answers. It’s pretty simple really. The trick is to ask the right questions. Quite often we think we don’t have any stories, but then when we give ourselves the time to reflect we discover a whole lot about ourselves – stuff we thought we’d forgotten.

RA | What’s the most interesting story you’ve heard so far?
AG | Wow – tough question. I think everyone has a GREAT story in them. I do really like stories about people taking a risk and also storytellers that are brave enough to tell a story about a time they didn’t come across in a great light. It’s a challenge to talk about something bad you did and also keep the audience on your side. I love that dynamic and it’s also very human.


RA | What do you have planned for the tour and how does it tie into Great White?
AG | I LOVE heading out to regional WA – some of the best stories I’ve heard have come from Albany and Margaret River. I will be working with groups of people in each area to pull some stories out of them. I use a combination of written and physical activites. The story themes we will be drawing on will be taken out of Great White – stories of Growing Up and Moments of Terror. Plenty of story fodder there – I think my moment of terror was the idea of growing up!

RA | What can’t you live without on tour?
AG | I can’t live without laughs. That is why I make sure my workshops are killer fun!

Image by Simon Pynt

Interview | Mikala Westall | Great White

Posted by Thom Smyth, October 8th, 2015

Great White hits the road soon! We caught up with Mikala Westall before she heads out to the south west. Keep an eye out for our interviews with the rest of the cast coming up soon.

RA | What was your first theatrical experience?
MW | When I was in primary school I played Jesus in a recreation of the stages of the cross. It was one of those performances made up of a series of tableaux and the audience had to close their eyes when the bell rang so we could change places. However, my Grandad was filming the whole thing throughout, including the changes. It makes for some very contemporary theatre.
It occurs to me now how morbid it is for a seven year old to emulate being crucified. I took it very seriously at the time.

RA | What are you most excited about for this tour?
MW | Well, firstly, getting the old team back together. The beauty of the script is that it gets better every time. Will is so open to developing the script with everyone and over the years I feel like it has changed slightly every time to reflect our own personalities and strengths as performers.
Plus, I’m super excited for all the mixed Cd’s I’ve made for the drive. I hope everyone likes disco….

RA | What can’t you live without on tour?
MW | I think for this tour in particular the most important items would be a pair of bathers (keeping my fingers crossed for good weather) and a copy of Settlers of Catan (great board game, I’m going to wipe the floor with everyone else).


RA | Have you performed in any of these Venues before?
MW | I’ve never performed regionally before and I’m sorry to say I’ve never seen any theatre in any of the towns we’re visiting! I’m incredibly excited to see all the venues and hopefully have a chat to some of the audience members after the show.

RA | Any local highlights you are keen to visit?
MW | Pretty much any op shop we pass. You can never have too many Kamal vinyls and old lady jumpers.