Interview | Mikala Westall | Great White

Posted by Thom Smyth, October 8th, 2015

Great White hits the road soon! We caught up with Mikala Westall before she heads out to the south west. Keep an eye out for our interviews with the rest of the cast coming up soon.

RA | What was your first theatrical experience?
MW | When I was in primary school I played Jesus in a recreation of the stages of the cross. It was one of those performances made up of a series of tableaux and the audience had to close their eyes when the bell rang so we could change places. However, my Grandad was filming the whole thing throughout, including the changes. It makes for some very contemporary theatre.
It occurs to me now how morbid it is for a seven year old to emulate being crucified. I took it very seriously at the time.

RA | What are you most excited about for this tour?
MW | Well, firstly, getting the old team back together. The beauty of the script is that it gets better every time. Will is so open to developing the script with everyone and over the years I feel like it has changed slightly every time to reflect our own personalities and strengths as performers.
Plus, I’m super excited for all the mixed Cd’s I’ve made for the drive. I hope everyone likes disco….

RA | What can’t you live without on tour?
MW | I think for this tour in particular the most important items would be a pair of bathers (keeping my fingers crossed for good weather) and a copy of Settlers of Catan (great board game, I’m going to wipe the floor with everyone else).


RA | Have you performed in any of these Venues before?
MW | I’ve never performed regionally before and I’m sorry to say I’ve never seen any theatre in any of the towns we’re visiting! I’m incredibly excited to see all the venues and hopefully have a chat to some of the audience members after the show.

RA | Any local highlights you are keen to visit?
MW | Pretty much any op shop we pass. You can never have too many Kamal vinyls and old lady jumpers.