Performing Lines WA is committed to the creation of contemporary performance that speaks to and enhances a distinctly Australian culture, at home and abroad.

Artistic Policy

Performing Lines WA nurtures the development of West Australian artists whose work pushes boundaries and sparks new conversations. We work with independent contemporary artists and small-to-medium companies to get their projects off the ground, working closely at any point in a production’s life: from the seed of an idea to development, premiere, and national and international touring.

We provide advice and support, and work collaboratively across the sector to advocate on behalf of artists and presenters locally, nationally and internationally.

Performing Lines nationally is committed to supporting three core streams of programming:

INDEPENDENT – we are a catalyst for artists in the development of new contemporary works, and in extending the life of existing works. We connect artists with programmers, presenters and investors eager to engage with independent, contemporary artistic practice;

INDIGENOUS – we have a highly respected legacy of working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and arts companies over three decades by providing opportunities for developing, producing and touring contemporary Indigenous dance and theatre, and facilitating sector development and partnerships; and

INTERNATIONAL – we are a gateway through which artists and companies can make their first steps into the international arena, or more internationally experienced artists and companies can present and tour larger scale projects.


Innovation: the degree of innovation of your ideas; how far your vision progresses artistic form, ideas and style;

Uniqueness: the unique and original qualities of your work;

Vision: your own strong vision for where you want to be in the future;

Legacy: the ongoing benefit to you as an artist, group or company and the extent to which we can encourage continuity and foster greater creativity;


Impact: the potential of the production to contribute to the development of Australian contemporary practice;

Standard: the anticipated level of ambition, rigour, quality and professionalism of the production;

Context: the audience for your work, both nationally and internationally, and the extent to which your artistic vision suits presentation or touring contexts

Audience Development: the opportunity you and your work presents to encourage a wider appreciation of and connection to your art form;

Benefit: the direct benefit to you, your team, audiences and venues through staging particular forms or styles of work;

Capacity: the extent to which your vision is likely to be achievable within our combined resources.


Email us, invite us to your showings and productions, give us a call or drop in to the office.

We work with contemporary artists across performing arts practice – dance, theatre, performance and live art.

Contact us at or call 08 9200 6212.


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