Zoe Pepper creates original, savvy and darkly hilarious performance that is severely entertaining.

Side Pony Productions



Side Pony Productions supports the productions of director Zoe Pepper. Under her leadership the company creates predominantly devised theatre; building fresh new performance through a well-trodden devising process. Side Pony strives to make innovative theatre that is an engaging, smart celebration of humanity. All Side Ponys work is laced with a deep sense of irony and the use of comedy to create empathy is pivotal.

What drives the process is a love of story, a diligence to create enduring plot structures and a commitment to creating characters that reflect the many contradictions of the human condition especially the conflicting notion that good people do bad things. Alongside creating works for black box theatres the company is beginning to move into new and sometimes less conventional theatrical forms as well as film.


Zoe Pepper Artistic Director
Zoe Pepper is a director and writer for theatre and more recently film.  In 2011 Zoe worked with Sydney Theatre Company and devised and directed Fiddlers Coin as part of the Money Shots series. Zoe was the recipient of the Western Australian Theatre Development Initiative and undertook an extended development of new interactive audio work. Also in 2011 Perth Theatre Company picked up Zoe’s work, The Pride and presented the show’s third season, previously playing at the Blue Room Theatre in Perth (Sept 2010) where the show was awarded the Best Production and Member’s Choice awards. Under the company name Side Pony Productions and has produced, directed and co-written five original productions: Devil’s Gulch: A Dastardly Deed (BAC London), The Manic Pony (Artrage Festival 2006), Motor City Blues (Artrage, Adelaide Fringe Festival), Lions and Tigers (Short film) and The Pride. Other directing credits include Heart of Gold, working in collaboration with Hold Your Horses and PICA: Rehearsals of a Cross-dressing Stepfather for Limoncello Gallery (London). She worked as the Associate Director of Dont Look Back for UK company dreamthinkspeak, at the 2008 Perth International Arts Festival. In recent years Zoe has been spending time studying in Paris at the École Philippe Gaulier.

Adriane Daff Artistic Associate
Adriane Daff completed a BA in Theatre Arts at the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts in 2004. It was during her time at WAPPA that she first met Zoe Pepper and worked with her in 2005 on the devised production of Motor City Blues. After a successful Perth season this show was renamed Motor City Blues and was performed as a part of the Adelaide Fringe festival in 2006. From this point on Adriane has continued to work with Side Pony Productions on a variety of shows such as Scarecrow (winner of the Blue Room Judge’s Choice award in 2006), The Manic Pony and most recently, The Pride (winner of the Blue Room member’s award and Blue Room Judge’s choice in 2010). After it’s season at the Blue Room in 2009, The Pride was performed at Brisbane’s Under the Radar festival and as a part of Perth Theatre Company’s season in 2010. Adriane is currently co-writing the Guess Who Project with Zoe.

Other theatre credits include The Gathering for ThinIce Productions, Monogamy for Weeping Spoon Productions as a part of PICA’s Putting On An Act 2005, The Chatroom for Perth Theatre Company, Woyzeck and The Visit for the BeActive BSX program, Yellow Moon; The Ballad of Leila and Lee and The Shape of Things for Black Swan’s HotBed Ensemble and Arcadia, The White Diver’s of Broome, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Boundary Street and The Crucible for Black Swan State Theatre Company.


Pepper has relied and been met by her fantastic cast to achieve an outstanding night of theatre which leaves you with a meaningful aftertaste. (The Pride, 2011) Artshub

It is a deeply poignant story  painful for the older generation, life affirming for the younger  that writer/director Zoe Pepper has gift wrapped in a smart satire full of wit, music and dancing. (The Pride, 2011)  Post Newspapers

Director Zoe Pepper segues seamlessly between the mix of styles and the satire and the drama, maintaining momentum and interest without a dip.   (Heart of Gold, 2009) The West Australian

A beautifully staged rural-gothic extravaganza, Heart of Gold is directed confidently by Zoe Pepper …The synergy within this team is palpable, and the performers bring such confidence and accuracy to their hammed-up roles that what could read like a bad school play is frequently stunning in its clarity—in moments both of audacious madness (such as the anthem, Sausages, the National Treat, featuring a chorus of sequined snags) and bleak poignancy. Watching Iris and Irving tango their way through a kitchen courtship dance complete with fifties-Latin flute riffs is more than satire: the scene holds real pathos. (Heart of Gold, 2009) Real Time Arts