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Dark Matter now in development

Posted by admin, March 13th, 2015

We’re pretty gosh darn excited to announce we’ll be working with PRAXIS on their development of new show Dark Matter. PRAXIS are collective featuring choreographer and dancer Laura Boynes, composer and cellist Tristen Parr and visual artist and curator Alexander Boynes. They work across a range of genres and media, including dance, installation, projection and visual art.

DM headerCurrently in development, Dark Matter is an exploration of our ability to adapt to changing physical and social environments. A metric tonne of rice is piled on stage, from which the six dancers emerge. It acts as floor, a prop and a projection surface, creating a constantly shifting environment for the performers.

It’s also the staple food for about half the planet. Dark Matter abstractly explores how humans are able to adapt to new surroundings, nodding to the current hot button political issues of immigration, isolation and integration.

You can follow the progress of the development here on the blog.

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Oddysea to the Opera House

Posted by admin, March 5th, 2015

We’re thrilled to announce Sensorium Theatre will be taking their interactive sensory theatre performance Oddysea to the Sydney Opera House for a season under the sails in August this year.

Performances for schools have already sold out, and there are limited tickets available for public performances – click here to purchase tickets.

The Opera House isn’t the only stop on their tour…we’ll be announcing additional performances very soon!

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Interview with Tim Solly

Posted by admin, January 22nd, 2015

Premiering soon at The Blue Room Theatre for Fringe World, The Dirty Cowboy is a tale of greed and revenge ripping a small town apart. Directed by Performing Lines WA core artist Sally Richardson, this new show weaves original music, Country and Western classics and storytelling to tell a good old fashioned story of heartbreak and murder in the bush.

Thom caught up with renowned performer, musician and writer Tim Solly ahead of the show’s debut at Summer Nights.

10847327_10153119234872518_793897020706133818_oThom: The Dirty Cowboy is hitting The Blue Room Theatre real soon. What can we expect?
Tim: A dark and gritty tale about a man searching for redemption. The story will make you question how much you would risk for love. The songs will shake you to your core and break your heart.

Thom: Where did the idea for the show come about?
Tim:After watching the Deadwood TV series and listening to a lot of Johnny Cash and Paul Kelly, I sat deep in a Country and Western world and began writing a lot of dark music about revenge, heartbreak, betrayal, guilt, corruption and love. Then I discovered an article from Michael Leunig  called Australia on the verge of combusting and it resonated deeply with me. I thought it was important to comment on whether people value their community anymore.

Thom: You’ve worked across music, TV, film and theatre, including in David Milroy’s Waltzing the Wilarra. What drives you to do what you do?
Tim: I love the power of storytelling. The fact that after a day of work, people can leave their everyday world and go on the journey with you through a story is such a powerful experience. As an actor you have the power to pose ethical, moral and emotional ideas with the audience and they might just walk out feeling differently about the world.

Thom: What’s up next after Cowboy wraps?
Tim: I begin the search for The Dirty Cowboy’s next life. The dream is for this show to travel nationally and internationally. I would love the opportunity for this story to be told to people all over the world. A Cowboy revolution!

Images by Triggerpoint Photography

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hero sue

Sue Peacock in the studio

Posted by admin, January 21st, 2015

Our first show in development for the year is Sue Peacock’s latest work not together, not alone. Sparked by the idea that we are not alone in the universe, Sue is exploring a new choreographic language that allows for two solos to be presented simultaneously.

Created with Michael Whaites, this second stage of development also featured WA dancers Jessica Lewis and Matthew Tupper and New South Wales-based artist Martin del Amo as provocateur. Sue also brought in the expertise of magician and illusionist Matt Penny. Taking a break from rehearsals for his new Fringe World show Frank the Mind-reading Hotdog, Matt went through techniques for on-stage illusion, distraction and sleight of hand.

Check out some images below.


Danielle Micich announced as new AD of Force Majeure

Posted by admin, December 11th, 2014

Performing Lines WA is sending a massive congratulations to our core artist Danielle Micich on the announcement of her appointment as the new Artistic Director and CEO of Sydney-based dance theatre company Force Majeure.

We’ve worked with Danielle over the last few years, producing a number of works including Shiver and the recent premiere season of Overexposed.

Danielle takes over from outgoing Artistic Director and company founder Kate Champion. We wish Danielle all the best in her new role…we’re so excited!

For more information, click here.

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