Dreamhouse – currently in construction

Posted by Morgan Leek, November 1st, 2011

Welcome to Dreamhouse. Current address 8 Phillimore St Fremantle, and renovations are under way. Please wear your hard-hat when entering the site as bodies are flying through the air.

Words: Ella Hetherington, Pinstripe Circus

For the past 14 days the Pinstripe Dreamhouse mob (Sally Richardson, Ella Hetherington, Ross Vegas, Dawn Pascoe, Nat Kell, Caludia Alessi, Jacob McGrath and Aidyn Blaiss) have been locked away in the heart of the Old Customs House Fremantle, home to the WA Circus School. Each morning the jeans come off, the leggings go on, and before anyw arm up we play ‘adult’ Mechano. For 20mins we lift poles, clip blue and yellow to silver, switch on the brakes, and what emerges each morning is our Dreamhouse.

Then the team hit the matts, stretching, comparing bruises, musing on why the left buttock is sore but not the right…a brief gossip, and then the group warm up. We have rolled into the floor with no arms then no legs, we have pulled each others arms and worked each others shoulders, hips and hammies, we have walked in time (and out of time), we have rolled each other in blankets, Oh yes, and tumbled. Then we go home, to our ‘Dreamhouse’ home.

Week one…Performers play, acquaint themselves with the new cast member and new apparatus; A 7m high, by 8m wide goddess, brimming with possibility and hope for the future. Like any new relationship we all threw ourselves at her with gusto and passion… we climbed to new heights, we played games, laughed, jumped into oblivion, flirted, sang badly, got drunk and threw ourselves off the edge. It wasn’t always smooth sailing, she bites and she bruises. She is not an easy ride. But we are in love.

The first weekend rolls in, it’s a Saturday afternoon and we all reconvene. It’s not a normal day. We are letting our new love run free for the afternoon, or be freely ran upon. 20 Parcorers moved in, on and around. Stealthily, cat like, sexy, dangerous, and free. The team watched in awe. Taking notes, taking photos and videos assuming that if we watch them intensely enough maybe we will become like them! We are moved beyond jealousy they are the perfect fit! They are made for each other. But we are still in with a chance!

Week two…Our physical approach has changed. We have seen new ways of working her that we hadn’t previously. The bruises have faded and we are all feeling strong and ready for round 2. We may not be as stealthy, and as quiet and sure footed, but we are working on it! The week sees scenes forming, set ideas changing and morphing, the emergency room at Freo hospital (all is fine!), window play, harness work, climbing, sandpit dreaming, lots of climbing and CHOGM…mmm yes. Ella and Ross were relying on cloning to have been fully developed by this point, but to no avail. Someone had to go and entertain the children of CHOGM! Massive week but time apart, even though it were brief, made the heart grow stronger…

With a strong commitment to not stressing out about the showing (what showing?) in a week we continue to play, discover and fall for, not off, our beauteous beast.

PS The Queen of the Commonwealth may have left, but the Queen of ‘new’ circus arrives tomorrow…Please welcome Anni Davey into the madhouse of DREAMHOUSE!

Ella Hetherington
Performer, Pinstripe Circus