Who's the Best Performer Profile:Interview with Mish Grigor from post

Posted by Morgan Leek, September 7th, 2011

It is time to take a vote.

After touring Australia for the past three-months with Mobile States, Sydney’s acclaimed performance trio, post, is heading to Mandurah Performance Arts Centre (MPAC) tonight on a mission to settle an ongoing debate – which one of them actually is the best?

They’ve devised a system, but the criteria keep changing. There are Dolly quizzes, enneagram tests, underwear comparisons, hand-eye coordination assessments, voting, debates and pie charts. Mish Grigor from post tells us what the heck Who’s the best? is all about.

Words: Sarah Rowbottam & Tom Cramond (PLWA) and Mish Grigor (post)

plwa. First up, briefly tell me about yourself.
We are, collectively, post: a company who make what can best be described as theatre- funny, dark, irreverent theatre for people who like theatre and also people who don’t (like theatre). Individually we are Zoe, Mish and Nat. Zoe is from the country, Mish is very tall and Nat has recently acquired a baby that she made inside her body.

plwa. What’s the story behind creating Who’s the best?
It started as a joke. We’ve been working together for almost a decade, and started to kid in the dressing room about which one of us is the best. We kind of jokingly threatened each other with the possibility that maybe we should ask the audience, fight it out on stage and get them to vote. Of course, to actually make a show like that is an absurd notion, you just can’t do that… Right? So we decided that we would try.

Who's the best by post

plwa. In a few short years post has made quite an impact on the Sydney theatre scene. What makes a ‘post’ show different from the rest?
Well, we don’t claim to be doing anything amazingly different to anyone else. But everything we present on stage comes from us, conversations we’ve had and things we think. It’s a direct result if the specific combination of our three brains, so I guess what makes our shows different to other shows is that we make them. They are a unique brand of madness that is specific to us. We always try to make work that is innovative, and original and smart, but also accessible and satisfying for an audience.

plwa. I’ve been reading up on the development of Who’s the best? on the Next Stage 2011 blog and it seems like a riot was put together. What was one of the most hilarious moments making the work?
There were a lot of hilarious moments, like our ill fated attempts at hand eye coordination tests… There were also a lot of intense moments that are hilarious in retrospect. We got quite caught up in the web of minutiae that we had spun for ourselves: once we spent an entire day arguing about who has the best street smarts and what do street smarts even entail anyway- do you get bonus points for living in a dodgier area? If you’ve never been mugged, is that just luck? It was a proper argument, until we realized that none of us actually cared anyway.

Who's the Best In Development

plwa. These last three performances at Mandurah Performing Arts Centre mark the end of a three-month Australian tour with Mobile States. What is your most memorable touring moment so far?
One night in Darwin, involving some very vocal audience members, our production manager’s birthday, a concoction called a ‘Bertie beetle’ and a trip to a questionable ‘local institution’…

plwa. Briefly tell me about your modes of testing for working out who the best is.
Lots of argument, lots of categories, sub categories, sub sub categories and sub sub sub categories of all the possible desirable traits a person might have, and lots of time sitting around a table with a graph and a calculator.

plwa. How many tests have you come up with over the past two years?
There are way too many to count. It’s an exponentially expanding system.

plwa. In 2010 Zoe was the best and in January 2011, you were the best. But now you are looking to see who the overall “best of the best” is. Who’s currently in the lead? Will Mandurah audiences get the final vote?
Well, technically, yes. But it’s really a competition that will go on forever. Whoever wins now is only ever going to be the winner for now- the title is always up for grabs.

plwa. And lastly, what’s next for post?
We’ll have a bit of a rest, and then start working on our new show. We’re not sure what it will be exactly, but we think we might attack the canon.


Three shows only!
Wed 7 – Fri 9 September 2011
60 minutes (no interval)
$30 – $45
Mandurah Performing Arts Centre, Ormsby Terrace, Mandurah
Devised and performed by post – Zoe Coombs Marr, Mish Grigor, Natalie Rose with Eden Falk.

About post
Mish Grigor, Natalie Rose and Zoe Coombs Marr are post, Sydney-based artists who devise and perform original works. As a company, post are concerned with the political, and make work that attempts to communicate these concerns through direct and involving theatre. A multi art form company, borrowing from theatre, dance, installation and performance art, post are passionate about creating innovative and exciting new work. post have presented pieces in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Newcastle, and Brisbane. post’s show Gifted and Talented won ‘Best Performance’ at the 2007 Melbourne Fringe Festival, as well as the Adelaide Fringe Touring Award, and in 2009Shamelessly Glitzy Work premiered at Performance Space, Sydney before touring to Brisbane Powerhouse and Arts House, Melbourne. In 2010 they teamed up with version 1.0 for A Distressing Scenario at Downstairs Belvoir. Their new show Who’s the Best? was produced by Sydney Theatre Company for its Next Stages program in June 2011 before touring nationally with Mobile States.

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Thanks for reading!
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One Moment of Glory

Posted by Metadance09, August 30th, 2009

SM Kit = Security Blanket

SM Kit = Security Blanket

Hello world. Yep, I’m in the party room too. And I just want to tell you that during tonight’s show there was one cue which made the whole night ( actually the whole day) satisfying while wearing my stage manager hat. It has been a while since I wore a stage manager hat – and I had forgotten the satisfaction of calling a cue in EXACTLY the right spot. Calling it in a spot where it changes from being just a lighting cue to being a moment which contributes to the performance in a way which makes the show bigger than the sum of its parts. Comments on what made the day worthwhile as a Producer will come later …now …more kareoke and soju…5am – airport transfer pick up!
Fiona (Metadance 2009 – stage/tour/producer/person)

Party Room

Posted by Metadance09, August 30th, 2009

After a huge show with an audience of 1000 people, we have moved on to more Karaoke in the ‘Party Room’ of our hotel.

We are drinking soju (very strong Korean Vodka of sorts) so good luck to us.

There is a video to come that is of Dragon (Co Director of the Chung Mu festival) doing Korean Karaoke.

Over and out.

in 5 minutes

Posted by Metadance09, August 30th, 2009

In 5 minutes I’ll try and give you a Korea update. SO we are about to start our final day in Korea and looking forward to performing in the HUge theater!! Slightly uneven floor so will be an extra challenge…bring it on! Daejong was long days and slow pace but all went well and we had a karoke party to top it off. the four dancers have been struggling to find food to suit us and we were lucky in daejong to find a tofu restaurant where you sit on the floor around a table and feast on mounds of slightly grilled tofu and vegies just what the meta girls were after. Josh has been struggling slightly that was until yesterday when we found a western restaurant that served steak!! so we are running on steak now so the show should be brilliant. Off to breakfast so got to sign off…. Metalove, SALLY

There’s a Hippopotamus in my Room Eating Cous Cous.

Posted by Metadance09, August 28th, 2009


It has been a long day in tourland.  We have been home at the Hotel Chamonix 2 hours but the adreneline of Mission Impossible is only just wearing off enabling the prospect of sleep glorious sleep.

So here are a few of our small but important  triumphs to keep you going in the absence of all coherent words 🙂

1. 10kgs of overweight baggage for the cost of a few stern words on doing better next time we check in.

 Travels with my Box

Travels with my Box

2. Eating japanese on the first night

 Off for First Night Dinner

Off for First Night Dinner

3.Colouring in the Map of Korea in the tour handbook


'Dressing Room Downtime' or 'Korean Themed Puzzles Thoughtfully Provided By Management'


‘Dressing Room Downtime’ or ‘Korean Themed Puzzles Thoughtfully Provided By Management’

4. Surviving the day

thru tired eyes
thru tired eyes

Fionㅁ (ㅡㄷㅅㅁㅇ뭋ㄷ ㄴㅅㅁㅎㄷ ㅡ뭄ㅎㄷㄱ 뭉 ㅖ개옃ㄷㄱ)

(there goes that special keyboard button agaiㅜ)