Metadance (2008) Chrissie Parrott Performance Company Photo: Jon Green

Nancy Jones, Jonathan Mustard and Chrissie Parrott's visual and digital imagery for Metadance created a mesmerising and magical world on stage.

2008 West Australian Dance Award Citation


Chrissie Parrott Performance Company


A surreal dance experience that crosses the boundary between performance, visual art and installation, Metadance celebrates the architectural beauty of dance and how it translates to text, animation and sound.

Created by Chrissie Parrott and Jonathan Mustard, this dance work is a groundbreaking collaboration between choreographer, animator, performer and technology. Swathes of translucent fabric carve the stage into a maze while animated figures and data are projected, bathing the set and dancers in a virtual waterfall of light that shifts at different rates and in different planes.

The imagery disturbs our perception of space as the dancers move to a compelling musical score.

Metadance won three Ausdance WA awards in 2008. Chrissie Parrott for outstanding achievement in choreography, Joshua Mu for best male dancer and Parrott, Mustard and Nancy Jones for best design and/or composition.

Performance History
Feb 2008 Perth International Arts Festival, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts
Aug 2009 
Daejeon Summer Night Dance Festival, Daejeon Arts Cultural Centre, South Korea
Aug 2009 
15th ChangMu International Arts Festival, ChangMu Arts Centre, Uijeongbu, South Korea 





Duration 70 minutes
(including interval)



One Moment of Glory

Posted: August 30th, 2009