The Wives of Hemingway Photo: David Collins

Zoe Pepper creates original, savvy and darkly hilarious performance that is severely entertaining.

The Wives of Hemingway


Ernest Hemingway loved deep sea fishing, big game hunting and women. This is the starting point for Side Pony Productions’ newest work, The Wives of Hemingway.

The overtly theatrical circumstances of Hemingway’s love life coupled with his obsession with death and violence provide fertile ground for a comically tragic tale.

Hemingway had four wives and inevitably blamed each wife for the breakdown of his previous marriage. Examining the shift in perception when one stops being the lover and becomes the demonised “ex”.

This is articulated visually by exploring a very physical transformation; with wives initially played by actresses and subsequently played by actors, the ex’s  band together to form a gang of ugly ex-wives  after big game of their own. Hunting and love, together at last.

With a nightmarish aesthetic the production promises a surreal edge tapping into the conspiracy theories that blurred Hemingway’s reality in his later years.

The Wives of Hemingway is characterised by overt tragic humour and embraces a farcical style, in the exaggerated retelling of Hemingway’s decadent love life. Amid the comedy, the production strives for compassion for the ugly, villainous ex-wives and for Hemingway himself.

Director Zoe Pepper
Performers Adriane Daff, Tim Watts and Eden Falk

Stage 1 development supported by PICA through its Artists Residency and Creative Hub (ARCH) program which is funded by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.


Zoe Pepper Director
Zoe Pepper is a director and writer for theatre and more recently film.  In 2011 Zoe worked with Sydney Theatre Company and devised and directed Fiddlers Coin as part of the Money Shots series. Zoe was the recipient of the Western Australian Theatre Development Initiative and undertook an extended development of new interactive audio work. Also in 2011 Perth Theatre Company picked up Zoe’s work, The Pride and presented the show’s third season, previously playing at the Blue Room Theatre in Perth (Sept 2010) where the show was awarded the Best Production and Member’s Choice awards. Under the company name Side Pony Productions and has produced, directed and co-written five original productions: Devil’s Gulch: A Dastardly Deed (BAC London), The Manic Pony (Artrage Festival 2006), Motor City Blues (Artrage, Adelaide Fringe Festival), Lions and Tigers (Short film) and The Pride. Other directing credits include Heart of Gold, working in collaboration with Hold Your Horses and PICA: Rehearsals of a Cross-dressing Stepfather for Limoncello Gallery (London). She worked as the Associate Director of Dont Look Back for UK company dreamthinkspeak, at the 2008 Perth International Arts Festival. In recent years Zoe has been spending time studying in Paris at the École Philippe Gaulier.

Adriane Daff Performer
Adriane Daff completed a BA in Theatre Arts at the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts in 2004. It was during her time at WAPPA that she first met Zoe Pepper and worked with her in 2005 on the devised production of Motor City Blues. After a successful Perth season this show was renamed Motor City Blues and was performed as a part of the Adelaide Fringe festival in 2006. From this point on Adriane has continued to work with Side Pony Productions on a variety of shows such as Scarecrow (winner of the Blue Room Judge’s Choice award in 2006), The Manic Pony and most recently, The Pride (winner of the Blue Room member’s award and Blue Room Judge’s choice in 2010). After it’s season at the Blue Room in 2009, The Pride was performed at Brisbane’s Under the Radar festival and as a part of Perth Theatre Company’s season in 2010. Adriane is currently co-writing the Guess Who Project with Zoe.

Tim Watts Performer
Tim Watts is a performer, deviser, director, producer, puppeteer and animator. He is a founding member of Weeping Spoon Productions, an international multi-award winning independent theatre company based in Perth, Western Australia. He has performed/devised/directed theatre and participated in workshops all around Australia and the world, including Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Beijing, Shanghai, Prague, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, London, California, and New York. Recent credits include, Deathtrap (PICA, Perth) The World Inspite of Itself (China), Red Lashes (UNIMA 2008, Perth), Greed (Canada Fringe), Hope is the saddest (Brisbane Festival), Duck Duck Goose (The Blue Room, Perth), Oscar (Perth) and Heart of Gold (PICA, Perth) and most recently performed a sell-out season of his solo show The Adventures of Alvin Sputnik: Deep Sea Explorer at the Blue Room in Perth, the New York International Fringe Festival, New York city, where he received an award for ‘Outstanding Solo Show’ and the Adelaide Fringe Festival. In 2012 Tim co-directed Pollyanna (Fringe World, Perth).

Eden Falk  Performer
Eden Falk is an actor and musician. His work has mostly followed a conventional line despite many attempts on his behalf to stray from it, resulting in the creation of strange sound-scapes for even stranger theatre pieces: The Loft Project, Sydney Theatre Company (2008), A Game of You, Ontroerend Goed (2009), or taking part in improvised ear-piece theatre An Oak Tree, Downstairs Belvoir (2008) or standing still for forty five minutes covered in photographs of himself and singing pieces from Schubertʼs Winteriesse The Lost Echo, Sydney Theatre Company (2006). In 2011 Eden toured nationally with Post for Who’s The Best?


April 12 Stage 1 Development
Produced by Performing Lines WA