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Emma Fishwick


microLandscapes is the latest work from Perth artist Emma Fishwick. It is a 360 degree experience over 50 minutes featuring  video and sound by renowned Sydney visual artist Kynan Tan and the prowess of dancers Ella-Rose Trew (Co3) and Niharika Senapati (Chunky Move). Presented by Performing Lines WA in conjunction with Next Wave Festival, microLandscapes was 1 of 14 works developed through the Kickstart program in 2015.

Submerged in a vast space, the audience are able to walk through an immersive sensorial landscape constructed by neon video, oscillating movement and achromic sculptures. microLandscapes‘ focus and creative significance lies in its interdisciplinary nature. Formed by a rigourous process that translates media (video, sound etc) beyond and back into movement with a duet performed by strong dancers is a physicalisation of this process. This compelling combination of artforms creates a contemplative space for the viewer, allowing them to consider their own relationship to landscape.

Creator and Choreographer Emma Fishwick
Sound, Video and Technical Design Kynan Tan
Dancer Ella-Rose Trew
Dancer Niharika Senapati
A Performing Lines WA production. Co-presented by Performing Lines WA and Next Wave Festival.


2016 | Next Wave Festival, Melbourne


Emma Fishwick is an emerging artist whose work takes numerous forms. Creatively curious her practice spans dance, visual-arts, digital media and the written word. Based in Perth, Emma undertook a Department of Culture and the Arts WA Fellowship in 2014. Enabling her to undergo multiple projects spanning Sydney, Berlin and Perth. During this time Emma created the foundations for her 2015 Next Wave Kickstart program project; microLandscapes. An immersive performance Installation spanning dance, video, text, sound and sculpture.

Kynan Tan is an artist who works through digital means to create audio-visual works, electroacoustic compositions, installations and improvised live performances. These works investigate the use of computer technologies and the manipulation of data through the output of digital sound and image. The majority of works question the role of the computer in the creation of art – as an instrument, mediator, processor and creative tool. In 2012 Kynan completed a JUMP Mentorship, working with renowned audio-visual artist Robin Fox to explore synaesthetic connections in audio-visual artworks. This resulted in the large-scale, dual-screen work multiplicity, which premiered at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts and has since been performed in Melbourne, Sydney and Tokyo. In 2013, Kynan received a DCA Young People and the Arts Fellowship to continue to undertake a program of skills development and new work creation. Kynan’s installations have been displayed in various galleries and museums, including the interactive, networked dome installation Sound Chamber (NH7 festival, Pune, India 2012,  Wonderland exhibition at MoCA Taipei, Taiwan 2011 and Scitech, Perth 2010-2011).

Ella-Rose Trew graduated from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts with a Bachelor of Arts (Dance) in 2009. She was awarded the Hawaiian Award for most outstanding graduate. In 2010 Ella-Rose was a member of Link Dance Company. She has toured to Bilbao, Spain and Oulu, Finland performing Sue Peacock’s “Lost and Found”. Whilst in Finland she undertook a six week residency with collaborator Isabella Stone, developing a shared improvisation practice.  She has performed and worked with Buzz Dance Theatre and independent artists Jo Pollitt, Paea Leach, Aimee Smith, Shona Erskine, Rhiannon Newton, Cadi McCarthy, Emma Fishwick, Isabella Stone and Laura Boynes. She is a recipient of a 2015 Young People and the Arts Fellowship through the Department of Culture and the Arts, a peer assessor for DCA and a teacher for Strut Dance, WAAPA, Link and the Youth Ensemble of Contemporary Dance Company of Western Australia.


Niharika Senapati has performed in Chunky Move’s 247 Days (2013) and An Act of Now (2012) and participated in Embodiment 1:1:1  – Anouk  van Dijk’s pop up performances at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art in September 2013. In March 2015, she will be performing in Depth of Field, a new work by Anouk van Dijk that will premiere as part of Dance Massive. Niharika has also been working around Australia with choreographers Rachel Arianne Ogle, Carl Sciberras and Leisel Zink. She performed in Ogle’s ‘precipice’ (Perth Winter Arts Festival, Aug 2014), Zink’s ‘fifteen’ (Next Wave Festival, May 2012) and in a number of Sciberras’ works in Sydney. She has also performed in works by choreographers Dean Walsh, Matthew Morris, Sue Peacock and Xiaoxiong Zhang. Niharika is passionate about her teaching practice, completing her Yoga teacher training in India in May 2014, and in July 2014, becoming a certified Countertechnique teacher. Niharika is a graduate of the Western Australian Academy of the Performing Arts.


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