MAPS seeks to create an alternative support structure to the traditional company model.

Reign Development (2010) Chrissie Parrott Performance Company Pictured: Kirsty Hillhouse Photo: Sarah Rowbottam


Performing Lines WA welcomes independent artists seeking project support to approach us at anytime. However our ability to help is limited by our capacity – there’s three of us in the office! It’s best to start conversations about a project with us as early as possible.

How to apply
Look at… the Performing Lines WA artistic policy and decide whether your project fits the guidelines;
Make contact… call, email or send a letter!
Meet with the Producer… bring as much information as possible about your project and be ready to discuss it in detail;
What then?… at the end of the meeting the Producer will suggest your next step or advise you on a timeframe for a decision on if/how Performing Lines WA can help.


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Posted: December 12th, 2017